Manj Bahra

Thanks for checking out my profile. I’m a personal development coach from London who’s obsessed with helping other people reach their potential.

I write about all things self-improvement, but some of my most popular work is on relationships. Below are some of the pieces that have made the most impact…

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The psychology behind where we go wrong, why we do it, and what to do instead

I am incredibly passionate about helping people escape narcissistic patterns and relationships. Few things bother me more than seeing someone trapped in a situation where they are made to feel small, unimportant, worthless, and crazy.

I’ve worked with countless clients suffering from this kind of abuse throughout my coaching career…

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A four-step process to ensure you make this year one to remember

Every new year, millions of people turn their attention to the resolutions they want to make. We all desire positive changes in our lives, and January unanimously brings an opportunity to start fresh — hence why I had to wait 30 minutes to use the squat rack today.

Unfortunately for…

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The thought process that took me from 8 years of being stuck to owning my own 6 figure business

Every day I get contacted by people who want to escape the 9 to 5 and pursue their dreams. Many people are stuck in jobs they hate, exchanging time for money while they wait for the weekend. It’s a twisted kind of auto-pilot that slowly drains the life from us…

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Red flags that tell you it’s time to hit pause and work on yourself

Sometimes, we can become so infatuated with another person we find ourselves doing crazy sh*t. I’m talking about stuff that makes us genuinely question what happened to our brain and who we have become. Over the last few years, I’ve written extensively about many aspects of unrequited love, with a…

Manj Bahra

Transformation Coach | I help heartbroken people move on from rejection, develop unshakeable belief, and transform their lives |

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