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It’s easy to give up when things get tough, but maybe you just need perspective

Outside of unrequited love, the most common issue I see people facing in dating is unfulfilling relationships. It’s saddening, yet so many people find themselves stuck with another person who seemingly can’t give them what they want.

If you’ve been finding yourself underwhelmed in love, it’s easy to say that you haven’t found the right person or need to find someone with who you have more in common. In some cases, this might be true — you may need to reassess what you look for in a partner or whether you keep making the same mistakes again.

But that’s only…

This week, I’ve been inundated by e-mails and messages from people struggling with unrequited love. Given what we’re all going through now, it’s understandable that so many of us are looking at our relationships as an area of focus.

Rejection sucks. There’s no way around that.

It makes us feel sad, question our self-worth, and wonder what’s wrong with us.

But that’s only one way to look at it. See, I’ve worked with countless clients on the issue of unrequited love, and I know the opportunity that lies hidden in that pit of despair.

So I’ve written an in-depth piece…

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How to avoid getting lost and get the most out of the experience

Since I’ve been writing on Medium, the most common topic I’m asked about is Twin-Flames. It’s funny to think that I had never even heard of the term until three years ago. Now, I get messages every day from people having their own unique experiences and wondering how to cope.

In my previous article on the subject, I wrote about whether the entire concept was a construct that facilitates justified obsession. I provided what I consider to be one of the most unbiased considerations of the theory. …

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Guiding beliefs that will help you leave heartbreak in the past.

Heartbreak is one of the most agonizing experiences anyone can go through. It’s been said that the feeling of rejection can cause physical pain. Cupid’s arrows remain amongst the sharpest I have seen as a personal development coach. Moving on is rarely an easy task for even the strongest characters, and there is no shame on anyone who struggles.

If you’ve been dealing with a recent break-up, rejection, or even endured the dreaded friend-zone speech, then this post is for you. I’ve compiled ten key principles that will help you make the progress you desire. These are guiding beliefs that…

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How Walt Disneys method of Imagineering can help you let go of heartbreak

If you follow my writing, you’ll know I focus a lot on matters of the heart. Part of that is born of my own struggles when I was younger, but more recently, through the sheer number of my coaching clients affected by unrequited love.

There are many ways to approach moving on. Typically, I go through a well-proven process that I have created and refined through years of coaching:

  1. First, I teach clients to understand the psychological reasons why we chase people who don’t want us. …

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Proven strategies to help you get out of your head

Have you found yourself incapacitated by your own thoughts? Instead of doing the things you want or know you have to, you find yourself caught in a spiral of continuous thinking that does nothing but paralyzes and confuse you. For some, the nature of the thoughts is completely absorbed with an image of the future. Others might find themselves dwelling on the past — decisions they regret and things they wish they could change.

Overthinking is dangerous.

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How you can use Walt Disney’s Imagineering approach for goal setting and success

Since 1923, Disney has produced an astonishing array of content appealing to multiple generations. Today the company continues to produce content that transcends what people thought possible through unparalleled storytelling and presentation of thought-provoking themes.

While the modern-day multi-billion-dollar corporation remains a triumph, it’s even more incredible to think of what Walt Disney himself achieved before the advent of modern animation technology. The legendary figure was able to turn dreams into reality during a time when bringing the simplest cartoon to life was a gigantic operation.

What was his secret?


Rather than simply coming up with ideas, Disney created…

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Resolutions rarely work — here’s a four-step process to ensure you make this year your best yet.

Every new year, millions of people turn their attention to the resolutions they want to make. We all desire positive changes in our lives, and January 1st unanimously brings an opportunity to start fresh. Unfortunately for most, within weeks, these idealized notions drift to the sidewalk. Another year flies by, and the goals they set for themselves remain unreached. Before they know it, they find themselves setting the same resolutions the following year and the year after that.

It’s not a lack of want or desire that leads to this situation — it’s a lack of process. Anyone can dream…

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Simple and actionable steps to pick yourself up and find the best version of you

Heartbreak is a seemingly inescapable part of human existence. We all go through painful experiences of unrequited love, rejection, and the ending of once fairy-tale relationships.

While the agony of Cupid's arrow can’t be denied, there is a silver lining to the sorrow you might be feeling now. Like the phoenix that is reborn from its ashes, we are capable of turning these moments of sadness into something special. The truth is that heartbreak is often the catalyst for the most phenomenal transformations in people. I’ve seen it countless times with my clients. …

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